Do you dream of a unique watch like no other? If so, ACHOR SA Group’s new brand YUNIK is made for you! YUNIK is reinventing the art of watchmaking with timepieces that showcase the complex and highly secret technique of producing murrhine. Murano glass, which is known the world over for its millefiori and unique glass designs, is being reinvented by the Delémont-based company to adorn its YUNIK wristwatches, available in a wide range of dial and bracelet variations. As unique as you are, these timepieces are sure to make a big impression, allowing their wearers to express their personality without uttering a single word. This is made possible through their look, the latest trends, and now your choice of timepiece. YUNIK boasts a bold identity with unique products that convey their wearer’s strong personality while remaining undeniably elegant in all circumstances.

Each YUNIK watch is made by hand from unique glass produced by a master Murano glassmaker in Venice. In the 13th century, Murano glass had a powerful monopoly that contributed to Venice’s spectacular wealth. Its mysterious production methods make this craft all the more appealing and the material is once again highly prized. YUNIK has tapped its artistic potential to share this material with a new generation – one with a strong personality. Their affordable price tag and wide selection of cases make YUNIK wristwatches the perfect companions for parties with friends, family get-togethers, or indeed any special occasion.


Murrhine and millefiori

It takes considerable expertise to work Murano glass correctly. Its production requires a mix of a number of natural raw materials, most of which are kept secret. They include substances such as quartz sand, limestone, potassium carbonate and clay. The ingredients are combined in precise quantities to obtain optimum melting properties and to produce the characteristic colours of Murano glass.


Master glassmaker Giuseppe Inzerillo

At this year’s Baselworld, YUNIK is calling on its master glassmaker Giuseppe “Pino” Inzerillo, an expert in the field, to reveal some of his secrets to crafting Murano glass. Each morning, the stand will be transformed into a workshop worthy of its Venetian counterparts. The craftsman will then present his favourite technique for producing murrhine: the millefiori method. It takes great expertise, passed down from generation to generation, to master the production of traditional Murano glass, and requires at least ten years of training before craftsmen can claim the title of master. Giuseppe Inzerillo, who learnt the trade in Venice itself, now supplies YUNIK with many different murrhines, which serve to create a complete case with an integrated dial. The artist himself will reveal every last detail of his know-how at Baselworld.

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